Large Format Print

At Printstore we use both aqueous (water based) and latex print technology to accommodate a range of products and applications. Our Latex technology allows for printing direct on to several substrates which can be used for outdoor purposes without the need for additional post printing finishes (lamination and encapsulation).

Our printed substrates can then be mounted on to a variety of materials for both indoor and outdoor use. We also have the facility to produce cut vinyl to custom shapes for stickers and graphics.

What is Large Format Printing?

Large Format also Known as Wide format printing is used to produce large graphics or designs onto large rolls of paper or other substrates. As technology has evolved, the number of different inks, substrates and printers available have expanded allowing for a range of products with a variety of uses. Wide format printing is used to produce large graphics for marketing, branding, and advertising purposes.

These can take many forms, but things such as construction site hoarding graphics, outdoor signage, banners and printed retail graphics and displays tend to be some of the most common uses for the format. Large format printing offers one of the most effective ways to market a product or service, marketing in key areas. These various applications are intended to be displayed in front of many people and will be viewed from a distance and for this reason, large graphics are required.


Small or large, indoor or outdoor our banners can help promote your business or event. These are produced on to PVC and generally hemmed with eyelets or pocket poles for easy application.


Generally large format printing is for posters larger than A3. These can be on a variety of substrates and can have additional finishes such as lamination or encapsulation.

Mounted Boards

If you require a rigid visual aid, then applying your print on to a mounting substrate will provide the flexibility to hang/screw or hold up your print. Please inquire with our team for advise on the best substrate for your desired purpose or use.

Vinyl Graphics

Window Graphics or manifestations are useful for advertising or visual enhancement of a particular area. These can be printed first and cut to a custom shape or lettering. There are also a number of various colours or frosted materials that can be used.

Roll Up Banners

For an easy way to advertise or get a message across, these banners are easy to put up and down at events or presentations. These come complete with a carry case and all hardware.

Vinyl Labels

For a more durable label solution, which will withstand moisture and can also be cut to a custom shape if required. These labels can be useful for outdoor use, or for a longer lasting alternative to paper versions.

File Set-up

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